Glow Fuels



Safety Information

 1 Gallon Glowfuel Poly

TechPower with 15% EDL2 plus SICAL. A very high performance multi-purpose fuel designed for both 2-strokes and 4-strokes. Suitable for Helis, Fixed Wing, Boats and Fun Cars.

ProPower with 18% EDL2 plus SICAL. Similar to TechPower but with 3% more EDL2. For engines where manufacturer specifies 18% oil. Suitable for 2 & 4 strokes and the same models as TechPower.

1 gallon Dynaglo

Dynaglo contains 8% E.D.L. (synthetic oil) and 2% castor oil (to fine-tune combustion characteristics) plus nitromethane up to 25%. Dynaglo, the first universally successful synthetic fuel, has notched up major contest wins all over the world and is the range preferred by the 'professional' modeller due to the extra power it produces plus the snappy throttling.

Duraglo contains 9% E.D.L. (synthetic oil) and 6% castor oil plus up to 25% nitromethane and is the our best selling range of fuel. It exhibits many of the best qualities of both synthetic and castor, making it a very forgiving general purpose fuel. It is also particularly suited to installations where the engine is inadequately cooled e.g. some high powered helicopters, boats and buggies.

Supaglo contains 16% E.D.L. (synthetic oil) and 4% castor oil plus up to 25% nitromethane. It is designed for the highest power engines running at maximum output for very extended periods in installations where the cooling is less than adequate. It is particularly suited for Ducted Fans, Racing Boats, High Powered Helicopters on High Nitro plus Any Engine where the manufacturer specifies around 20% oil and the user wants the advantages of a synthetic.

1 gallon Formula Irvine  (Nice RED Colour isn't it)

Goglo contains 15% ML70 (synthetic oil) plus nitromethane up to 16%. Although a full "synthetic", with all the advantages of a synthetic, many modellers like it for its characteristics that lie between Dynaglo and Expert Mix.

Formula Irvine is a range of fuels containing the well known Klotz Super Techniplate oil and up to 25% nitromethane. With a total oil content of 18% this fuel is highly recommended by Ripmax for all OS and Irvine Engines. Super Techniplate oil contains 20% Castor.

Bekra Fuel developed in conjunction with Bekra R/C and UK Heli Champ Mark Christy, this fuel gives supreme performance in the harsh world of helicopters. A mixture of EDL and Klotz oils with NO CASTOR gives super clean running. Any chance of foaming in the tank has been eliminated with an anti-foaming additive.

Coptamix with Klotz Heliglow low viscosity oil. Contains  18 – 20 % oil depending on NM content. Remember you get a full UK gallon with Model Technics (1.2 US gallons).

QwikFire An 18% oil content (13% EDL and 5% Castor) with 10% or 16% nitromethane and special additives to enable easy starting with pullstart engines.

QwikSpeed For Pull-Start RACERS. An 12% oil content (12% EDL) with 10%, 16% or 25% nitromethane and special additives to enable easy starting with pullstart engines.

BigBang contains 10% EDL plus up to 25% nitromethane for RACING with the latest Monster Trucks.

Zzip contains 2% Castor 6%/7% Lowvisc 2% Reg Techniplate plus up to 25% nitromethane for RACING with all Cars, Truks and Bugs.

Special 4-Stroke now contains 9% EDL and 9% castor oil and is formulated for the latest 4-strokes which produce more power and run much hotter or where the manufacturer specifies a higher oil content.

Yamada with 23% Klotz Reg Techniplate is a fuel blend approved by the UK distributor for all Yamada engines.

Laser 5% with 15% ML70 and 5% Nitromethane is a fuel blend approved by Neil Tidey for all Laser Engines.

Tigre Big Brute contains 6% E.D.L. and 4% castor oil and was specially formulated with Mick Wilshere for use with Super Tigre 2000 engines and above.

Castor Straight with 20% castor oil (for many years the standard lubricant for model fuels) and 80% methanol is the specified fuel for many contests but it is also widely used by modellers on a tight budget.

Expert Mix contains 20% castor oil . The power and tractability additive package is special to us and gives a more balanced response than nitromethane on its own.

Nitro Mix contains 20% castor oil with nitromethane only as the power and tractability additive. This is the range demanded by the traditional modeller and it is well tried and tested.