Materials List

IMPORTANT Safety Data on Pure Materials


We only use the highest quality ingredients

Methanol - CH3OH - produced to spec under BSENISO 9002 - contains less than 0.05% water.

Nitromethane - CH3NO2 - we buy 99.95% pure nitromethane the best commercially available spec!!

E.D.L.2 - A synthetic oil developed by Model Technics in 1980 and is still under continuous development. Considered to be at the front of synthetic oil technology.

Castor Oil - Ricinoleic acid to chemists - each batch is tested by us before acceptance. As castor oil is a natural product there are always variations, hence our testing.

Klotz Oils - The leading producer of Model Engine oils in USA. Super Techniplate contains 20% Castor oil while Regular Techniplate is a pure synthetic.

ML70 - Produced by G-Max in England , formulated in the early 70's

Iso Propyl Nitrate - Ignition improver for diesel fuels. In world-wide short supply. A must for diesel fuels.

Of course there are several ingredients which we use that are not listed, but then we should have some secrets.

Mixing your own fuel