Zzip fuel for Cars Bugs and Truks

Updated Oct 2010

The American market has always favoured having some castor oil in their wheelie fuels and Model Technics of course appreciates the many benefits of castor. But, castor has a much higher viscosity than typical synthetic oils. So, the more castor you put in, the more viscous is the resulting lubricant. And, the more viscous the engine lubricant the lower will be the maximum rpm and the slower will be the pick-up. But, Klotz are now specially manufacturing for us a low viscosity oil (Lowvisc) which, when combined with castor (and Regular Techniplate where necessary), gives the opportunity to ‘finetune’ the lubricant viscosity for the type of engine and the type of use to which it will be subjected. All this is possible because Lowvisc contains highly advanced ‘extreme pressure’ additives to guard against metal to metal contact and the subsequent excessive wear you can get with low viscosity oils. After hundreds of hours of testing with many types of wheelie engines, Model Technics came to the conclusion that the percentages of oils shown in our chart above were ideal for maximum power, strong pick-up and responsive throttling, while ensuring reliability plus a long long engine life. But there is a downside to using Zzip - - -  if you don’t win a race, you can’t blame the fuel

Zzip 15           £16.05  UK GAL            £  9.70  UK ½GAL        £6.35  1 LTR
Zzip 20           £17.45         “                £10.40          “              £6.65      “
Zzip 25           £19.30         “                £11.40          “              £7.10      “
Zzip 30           £20.70         “                £12.10          “              £7.45      “

Zzip Mix Sheet